R&R Stewardship Partners Services:
Investment Portfolio Management

• Development of Investment Strategy designed to create, preserve, and grow your portfolio through volatile and unpredictable market conditions.

• Carefully selecting and monitoring your investment strategy for proper market exposure and trends.

• Plan the best tax strategies (401k, Roth IRA, IRA, etc.) to maximize your retirement while lowering your taxes as much as possible

Retirement Income Planning

• Determine the amount needed/desired upon retirement, then implement recommendations to help fund your income needs and help maintain a comfortable standard of living

• Develop a Retirement Number and Age that will prevent you from outliving your retirement income.

• Calculate the best timing and methods for withdrawing retirement income.

Education Planning

• Establish and project planning goals for family members

• Determine the best type of education plan for personal circumstances

• Identify current and future costs of education

Cash Flow Planning

• Instill hope and accountability through applying Biblical Financial Principles that includes reducing debt and perusing a new career.

• Create a custom family budget to identify any excess spending habits while maximizing savings and charitable giving

• Strengthening marriages and individual lives by creating peace of mind with their personal finances.

Charitable Giving

• Help identify charitable giving opportunities within your value structure that can help minimize your tax liability

• Develop a charitable giving plan that can be incorporated into a cash flow and expense budget

• Encourage generosity to help positively make a difference in people's lives.

Family Legacy and Estate Planning

• Build a strategy that accommodates your Estate Plan to help ensure your retirement assets are properly distributed to loved ones for future generations.

• Provide knowledge about available estate planning techniques and tools.

• Development of a custom estate plan to transfer wealth while minimizing tax liabilities and possibly avoiding probate