"The Brexit... How it will affect Great Brittan?"

16. 07. 05
posted by: Ryan Rowe
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The "Brexit"… How will it affect Great Britain?


The #1 topic in the past two weeks in the Financial World has been the “Brexit.” The "Brexit" is the abbreviation of the word “British Exit.” On June 23, 2016 Britain voters approved an exit of the European Union.  The "Brexit" was the vote of weather Great Britain would stay in the European Union or operate independent of the EU...

For me, I knew there was a 50/50 chance that Great Britain would leave the EU. I can’t blame Britain for wanting to leave due to the poor financial handling of the past by other EU countries including the PIIGS countries: Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain.


The bigger questions after the “Brexit” is….


  • How will the “Brexit” affect the economy of Great Britain?
  • Could France follow Great Britain and leave the EU next year also?
  • Will the EU put in place difficult trade sanctions and hurt Britain’s overall economy?


Only time will answer the above questions. As Investors, we have to be thinking ahead and Diversification is our one key to overcome any short term volatility. We also have to be aware of changes and challenges in the Market and Economy as a whole and act accordingly.



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