on 15 November 2016
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“My Take on Economy and Presidential Election”


First off, I am neither a Republican or Democrat… as I am an Independent. Last week the Presidential election was finally over. It was a battle most people thought was going to be closer but Donald Trump ran away with victory over the swing States. It was evident that people wanted “change.


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on 05 July 2016
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The "Brexit"… How will it affect Great Britain?


The #1 topic in the past two weeks in the Financial World has been the “Brexit.” The "Brexit" is the abbreviation of the word “British Exit.” On June 23, 2016 Britain voters approved an exit of the European Union.  The "Brexit" was the vote of weather Great Britain would stay in the European Union or operate independent of the EU...

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"Value Investing: What is it?"

posted by: Ryan Rowe
on 17 June 2016
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Value Investing


"Value Investing: What is it?"


I am considered a Fundamentalist Investor. Taking it one step further a fundamentalist investor is considered a Value Investor while the investor I learned the most from was Benjamin Graham…


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on 08 March 2016
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"Understanding the Stock Market"


One of the First Steps to becoming a Successful Investor is to understand the forces or Investors and Strategies around you and then create your long-term strategy. Each Investor believes their strategy is the best, and more than likely they have had some success in one way shape or form with their strategy.


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